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MicroGaming Casino Software has been a pioneer in the online casino industry since launching it's first casino in 1994. To this day Microgaming is producing some of the most cutting edge casinos on the internet.

Microgaming casinos all have uniquely different games so no casino is the same! You can choose from literally hundreds of different varieties of slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, craps among others.

Please try some of our specially selected Microgaming casinos below. Each offer lucrative signup bonuses, awesome graphics & sound + unsurpassed safety & service!

Golden Riviera Casino

Welcome to the Golden Riviera Casino, the place where the rich and famous go to play. Perhaps here, among the palatial buildings and palm-lined streets, you will find your fortune. Or you might even win the lucky Palm D�Or. We wish you all the luck in the world on your quest!
River Nile Online Casino

Since time immemorial, the River Nile has been associated with life, luck, fertility and development. Along its banks Pharaohs and nobles have all built monuments and tombs to immortalize themselves. Untold fortunes and treasures have been found along its course...

Orbital Casino

Jackpot City Casino

PAYMENT OPTIONS: as many of us are now painfully aware, PayPal no longer accepts online gambling & casino transactions. Lucky for us there are a few new (and some have been around awhile!) payment options to ensure that your online casino purchases are proccessed without delay.

NeTellerPrePaidATMFire Pay

Most casinos will also allow you to make direct Wire Tranfers and e-Checks.

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